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Ballet Bellingham

1405 Fraser Street Suite 103, Bellingham, WA 98229

(360) 746-8508

Our Winter-Spring 2022 semester will run from January 2nd, 2022 to June 25, 2022.

By enrolling in our Winter/Spring semester, you are committing to the entire semester

(This does not apply to our advanced level classes. Those will remain on a month-to-month basis)

Rules and Policies

  • Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Please make every effort to be on time and ready to start at the scheduled time.
  • Please no food, beverages, or gum in the studio.
  • Please no street shoes on the dance floor.
  • Students are expected to adhere the dress code created by Ballet Bellingham. Please refer to the dress code policy for further information.
  • Ballet Bellingham follows the Bellingham School district for inclement weather. Please call the studio if you are unsure of closure. Closures will also be listed on local radio stations.
  • Tuition is due on or before the 25th of the preceding month (ex. February tuition is due by January 25th). Tuition is considered late by the 1st of the month. Please refer to the financial policy for further information regarding tuition.
  • Exceptions to the enrollment policy will be made on a case-by-case basis due to major illness, injury, or family emergencies.

  • A closed-circuit monitoring system is provided for observers in the lobby. Please keep the noise level in the lobby to a minimum so as not to distract the class.
  • By enrolling in the Winter/Spring session, you agree to have your child participate in our Spring performance on May 7, 2021. There is a $65 costume fee for the performance and your child keeps the costume after the show. If your child takes two classes, the fee is $130. There are no additional student performance fees for extra rehearsals. There will be a required dress rehearsal on Saturday, April 30th from 3-5pm and Saturday, May 7th from 2-4pm. The performance will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 7th. Costume fees are due by January 20, 2022.

  • Students are expected to be courteous while waiting for their class to begin. Please no loud behavior in the dressing room.
  • In signing the registration form, the parent agrees to hold Jessica Crook, Ballet Bellingham, and the Haskell Business Center harmless in the case of injury to a student at any class or studio sponsored event.
  • In signing the registration form, the parent agrees to adhere to the Rules & Policies of Ballet Bellingham.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.